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LuxairGroup / Luxair


Informations principales

Secteur d'activité


LuxairGroup, a key player and major employer of the Grand Duchy and the surrounding Greater Region is the umbrella entity for four major business units linked to the fast-paced domain of air transport.

Luxair Luxembourg Airlines, the national airline operates regular flights to the main European cities whereas LuxairTours, the group tour-operating division offers holiday packages and accommodation suggestions in some 40 cities and sunny destinations throughout and around Europe. LuxairCARGO , the specialist in air-freight handling holds a central role in international exchanges thanks to cutting-edge infrastructure and a storage capacity of more than one million tons.

LuxairServices, the main airport services division offers passenger and aircraft assistance as well as catering services for airlines positioned at or transiting through Luxembourg airport.

LuxairGroup bases its activities on three core values – passion, care and responsibility – to develop services that put the customer at the forefront, to build a strong and secure business through an open and transparent dialogue with employees and to serve the local and regional economy while preserving the environment and respecting populations and natural resources of served destinations.

Langues parlées

Français - Anglais - Allemand - Luxembourgeois

Comité de direction

President and Chief Executive Officer

Adrien Ney

Executive Vice President Finance

Marc  Schroeder

Executive Vice President Airline

Martin Isler

Executive Vice President LuxairCARGO

Laurent Jossart

Executive Vice President Tour Operating and Sales & Marketing

Alberto Kunkel

Vice-President Marketing & Corporate Communication

Marc Gerges

General Secretary

Michel Folmer

Conseil d'administration

Données administratives


  • Etat luxembourgeois : 39.10%
  • Banque et Caisse d’Epargne de l’Etat : 21.80%
  • Banque Internationale à Luxembourg (BIL) : 13.10%
  • Delfin S.à.r.l. : 13.00%
  • Luxair : 10.00%
  • Luxair Finance : 2.90%
  • Others : 0.10%


  • Cargolux Airlines International S.A. : 35.10%
  • Luxfuel S.A. : 40.00%
  • Euro Moselle Loisirs : 35.00%

Données financières et économiques

  • Employés au Luxembourg (2017) : 2.470


aéroport de Luxembourg L-2987 Luxembourg




Photo de LuxairGroup / Luxair