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Arendt Services


Informations principales

Secteur d'activité


Founded in 2009, Arendt Services S.A. is a Business Facilitator and offers a full range of services to businesses for the setting up and management of their operations in Luxembourg. Arendt Services proposes in particular services related to business creation, accountancy and the comprehensive management of tax returns. They are also authorised to act as central administration and transfer agent for regulated and non-regulated investment funds. Arendt Services is affiliated to Arendt & Medernach and is supported by a team of more than 100 experts covering its domains of activity. Arendt Services is a Professional of the Financial Sector practising under the supervision of the CSSF.


- Corporate administration services
- Accounting services
- Fund services
- Direct Tax compliance services
- Indirect Tax compliance services

Comité de direction

Chief Executive Officer

Olivier  Hamou


19, rue de Bitbourg L-1273 Luxembourg




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