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Arendt Business Advisory

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Arendt Business Advisory (ABA) is Arendt's dedicated management consulting and advisory firm. ABA assists private organisations, family businesses and public entities, active in sectors ranging from financial services to renewable energy and manufacturing.
ABA's dedicated team leverages on extensive field experience to provide a wide range of services, including strategic and entrepreneurial support, transaction and valuation services, sustainability analysis and new business modelling, crisis negotiation, cost control or performance management. ABA operates locally as well as abroad, through Arendt's network and global presence.


- Strategy, Innovation & Sustainability
- Executive & Entrepreneurial Support
- Negotiation & Dispute Resolution
- Making Business in Europe
- Planning, Operations & Performance
- Corporate Finance

Comité de direction

Chief Executive Officer

Philippe Wery


41A, avenue J.F. Kennedy L-2082 Luxembourg