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Yves Lahaye

Yves Lahaye
General Manager Luxembourg, RBC Investor Services Bank
  • Né le 04/09/1962 à Polleur (Belgique)
  • Nationalité belge
  • Marié

Biographie express

Yves Lahaye is the General Manager Luxembourg of RBC Investor Services Bank S.A. He oversees the bank's day-to-day activities, with a particular focus on employee engagement, the brand reputation of RBC in Luxembourg, compliance with local and global regulations and on initiatives requiring cross functional collaboration between local and global stakeholders. He is a member of the Luxembourg Executive Committee.


Team Leadership - Management - Project Management - Banking - Change Management - Business Process Improvement - Risk Management - Business Process - Financial Risk - Enterprise Risk Management - Virtual Teams - Business Transformation - Organisational Transformation - Operational Risk Management - People Management - Organizational Transitions - Operations Management - Cross-functional Team Leadership - Increasing Operational Efficiency - Reducing Operating Costs - Senior Stakeholder Management - Executive Sponsorship - Leading Organizational Change - Leading Positive Change - Leading Diverse Teams


Jogging - Golf

Expériences professionnelles

De janvier 2013 à aujourd'hui
  • Type de poste : Membre de la direction
  • Fonction : General Manager Luxembourg
  • Détail : Key responsibilities for the Country Management Team in Luxembourg and the governance / administration of decision making within that geography
De septembre 2012 à aujourd'hui
  • Fonction : Mentor
  • Détail : Mentoring is personal, voluntary , unpaid, confidential and provided by an experienced person called the "mentor" to another person, the "mentee", in the pursuing of their project. We talk about business mentoring when the activity is related to business management.

    The mentoring relationship:

    must be based on trust, communication and openness
    should not have a hierarchical or commercial link
    must be an interactive relationship and not one-way
    must above all be a sharing of experience
De avril 2010 à aujourd'hui
  • Fonction : chargé de cours Change Management
De mars 2010 à décembre 2012
  • Fonction : Head, Operations Control & Quality
  • Détail : Operations Control team provides an independent gateway for Client Operations into their daily activities and related control environment to enable better risk detection, mitigation and prevention
De mars 2009 à aujourd'hui
  • Fonction : Head, Change & Effectiveness
  • Détail : Change & Effectiveness Group provides in the 4 time zones where RBC Dexia IS is located an internal Change Management expertise. Our approach to change management focuses on Transformation by helping people bridge the gap from current to future state in the quickest and most efficient way. We are working on 5 levers of change : efficiency & effectiveness, project support & delivery, new business & client solutions, organizational change and global operating & operational performance.
De mars 2007 à aujourd'hui
  • Fonction : Member of the Executive Committee
De janvier 2003 à février 2007
  • Fonction : Managing Director, Operations
  • Détail : Apart from five back offices (securities, financial markets, money transfer and accounts, loans, central register) - the structure also has a unit dedicated to the risk control, as well as a staff unit in charge of centralizing projects, data management, quality, communication and coordination of IT and HR plans
De janvier 2001 à décembre 2002
  • Fonction : Senior Vice President
  • Détail : of Private Banking Business Development and Direct Banking - DEXIA BIL; My main responsibilities were :

    product development : research and development of new products for the private banking business line (affluent and HNWI customers) : investment funds, structured products, advisory products, discretionary products .

    online finance : management of the Dexia BIL online banking strategy. Management of the Dexia BIL's website in Luxembourg and internationally called dexiaplus : sales support (information, training and incentives), marketing, call center, e mail management and webmaster

    management information system and risk control : reporting, budgeting process, datamining, datawarehousing . for the private banking business line

    technological innovation group : research and development of new tools for the client relationship officer : online advice, business information, operating systems, electronic data management, CRM .
De juin 1998 à janvier 2001
  • Fonction : Advisor to the CEO
  • Détail : Analysis and implementation of the bank's strategic projects, prepare the files for the CEO in his external mandates and follow the implementation and good communication of decisions taken by the CEO.

    Studying the opportunities of external growth of BIL's group within in its mandates in the DEXIA group (private banking, funds services and asset management) : to find acquisition opportunities and analyse them, to manage the acquisition, negotiation and due diligence process, to prepare files for the management board, the board of directors and the regulatory bodies.
De janvier 1988 à décembre 1999
  • Fonction : Corporate Banking
  • Détail : functions in the Corporate Banking department : distressed debt, risk management &
    control, business information management, Portfolio Strategy Group, syndicated loans, LBO & project financing , -
De octobre 1985 à mai 1986
  • Fonction : Trainee

Associations non professionnelles

De 2002 à aujourd'hui
  • INSEAD Alumni


De 2012 à 2012
  • Diplôme : Managing Global Virtual Team
  • Domaine d'études : Organizational Leadership
De 2011 à 2011
  • Diplôme : change management certification
  • Domaine d'études : Change Management
De 2008 à 2008
  • Diplôme : OWP
De 2002 à 2002
  • Diplôme : AMP
De 1980 à 1985
  • Diplôme : Master
  • Domaine d'études : Economics



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