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Stany Wyrzykowski

Stany Wyrzykowski
Managing Director, C2D System House Luxembourg
  • Né le 09/08/1963
  • Nationalité belge
  • Marié

Biographie express

Stany Wyrzykowski is the owner of C2D System House since 1992 in Belgium and he started C2D Luxembourg in 2007. He began it's professional life in a small industrial electronics and computers company at the same time that Personal Computer was available on the market and he always continue to learn more about ICT and specialy secure networking. With solid experiences in the management of servers infrastructure and datacenter projects, he is the Managing Director of a specialized team in secure and high performance on premise and in datacenter cloud computing including broadcast video.

Expériences professionnelles

De 2009 à aujourd'hui
  • Fonction : Managing Director
De 1992 à 2008
  • Fonction : Administrateur délégué


  • Diplôme : 1985: Rennequin Sualem


    • C2D System House Luxembourg
    • 9, rue des Trois Cantons L-8399 Windhof

Langues parlées

  • Français
  • Anglais