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Olivier Louis

Olivier Louis
Program Director, INNOmaterials
  • Né le 12/07/1964 à Bastogne (Belgique)
  • Nationalité belge
  • Marié

Biographie express

Olivier Louis has a multiskilled background, combining global technical experience in a R&D Tech Center, a product management experience with European scope, people management experience, and multifunctional project management.
On the other hand, he ran high positions as well in smaller international companies.


Operations Management - Product Development - Product Management - Product Planning

Expériences professionnelles

De juillet 2015 à aujourd'hui
  • Type de poste : Membre de la direction
  • Fonction : Program Director
  • Détail : In charge of the INNOmaterials antenna in Luxembourg : INNOmaterials is a recent company, based in Switzerland and Luxembourg, whose concept is to help industries developing new materials for them, using our wide professional experience acquired in industry, and extended R&D network within Greater Region and Switzerland.
    Together with INNOmaterials founder, we cumulate over 55 years of expertise and management in large companies or in international SME’s. We gathered there a valuable knowhow in innovation, development and management of products (cradle to grave).
    Our developments are oriented towards high value added products such as technical rubbers, perfumes addition into plastics or rubbers, surface coatings, composites, bio-sourced products…) and towards valuation of secondary raw materials (wastes), such as those from rubber industry.
    INNOmaterials is the ideal partner for the SME willing to innovate, but lacking internal resources or knowledge.
De mars 2014 à janvier 2015
  • Fonction : Director Operations
  • Département/service : Operations
  • Détail : I was responsible there for Production, Purchasing, Supply Chain, Quality (QHSSE), IT, as well as technical and multifonctional development projects, reporting to the Managing Director.
De septembre 2012 à mars 2014
  • Fonction : Director Planning and Organisation
  • Département/service : Operations
  • Détail : Product development planing, supply chain planning, product data management
De juillet 2010 à septembre 2012
  • Type de poste : Membre de la direction
  • Fonction : Director strategic projects EMEA
  • Département/service : Sales & Marketing
  • Détail : In charge of 2 crossfunctional strategic projects :
    1. Complexity reduction (how to produce more with no additional investments by reducing the manufacturing downtime due to excess of product, components or compounds complexity)
    2. Implementation of the EU labeling regulation in EMEA, by adapting almost all the company divisions to this challenging environment (new and better products, less tolerances in production, better stock management, labels into data management, impact on way to sell tires, on pricing, supply chain...)
De avril 2008 à juin 2010
  • Type de poste : Membre de la direction
  • Fonction : Manager Material Development Department
  • Département/service : R&D
  • Détail : I was in charge of the R&D department responsible for raw materials and reinforcement (textiles and steel cords) developments and approvals, processing developments, and all the rubber compounds developments for all tire lines, ie cars,4x4, light and heavy trucks - bus. Total staffing of around 40 engineers, with regional scope of EMEA and Asia-Pacific, reporting to Technical Center Director as well as Global Materials Director.
De juillet 2000 à mars 2008
  • Type de poste : Membre de la direction
  • Fonction : Product Manager Consumer Tires Europe
  • Département/service : Sales & Marketing
  • Détail : My role was to be the link between R&D and the business, being in charge of defining new products needs, development roadmaps for all brands, following up all new products on time delivery, as well as preparing all marketing launch materials and maintaining product life cycle. Scope was all car tires for Europe for all of the brands of the Goodyar group.
De mars 1990 à juin 2000
  • Fonction : Materials Development Engineer
  • Département/service : R&D
  • Détail : - In charge of rubber development for internal components and formulationsfor for winter and high performance car tires.
    - Gradually increased ranking / responsibilities, leading to position of Team Leader for Passenger tires


De 1983 à 1988
  • Diplôme : Master
  • Domaine d'études : Bio-Ingénieur

Langues parlées

  • Néerlandais
  • Anglais
  • Français
  • Allemand

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