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Christiane Hoffmann

Christiane Hoffmann
Owning Manager, Lilith Project
  • Née le 18/06/1956 à Luxembourg (Luxembourg)
  • Nationalité luxembourgeoise

Biographie express

Christiane Hoffmann is the founding manager of lilith project, aiming to provide groundbreaking Human Resource solutions that can benefit companies and institutions in all sectors. In addition to being the exclusive distributor of the TTI Success Insights (C) Int. (USA) Assessment Tools , for which she was awarded several times, Christiane Hoffmann is a member of the Administration Council of the Fonds National de la Recherche as well as CARE Luxembourg. She is also member of the Kuratorium of CARE Deutschland-Luxemburg E.V.

Expériences professionnelles

De janvier 2000 à aujourd'hui
  • Type de poste : Membre de la direction
  • Fonction : Owning Manager

Associations non professionnelles

  • Member Administration council
  • Member Administration council


  • Diplôme : Graduated in Pedagogics


    • Lilith Project
    • 71, avenue Gaston Diderich L-1420 Luxembourg
      BP 2558 L-1420 Luxembourg


Langues parlées

  • Luxembourgeois Bilingue, ou langue maternelle
  • Allemand Connaissance complète
  • Anglais Connaissance complète
  • Français Connaissance complète