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Benoit Mariscal

Benoit Mariscal
Managing Director & Founder, Bemaris Associates
  • Né le 13/07/1961 à Jemappes (Belgique)
  • Nationalité belge
  • Marié

Biographie express

À la tête de sa propre société de conseil, Bemaris Associates, qu’il fonde fin 2013, Benoît Mariscal, 56 ans, commence sa carrière au sein d’Arthur Andersen Belgique en 1989, avant de rejoindre très vite le bureau luxembourgeois. Il y gravit les échelons jusqu’aux fonctions de directeur administratif et financier.

À la disparition de la société, il enchaîne deux courtes expériences chez Clerical Medical Europe puis Fiduciaire Eurolux avant de rejoindre, en 2004, Nomura Bank (Luxembourg) en tant que general manager administration. Il y reste pendant huit ans, avant de (re)devenir consultant indépendant, notamment pour le compte de Catella Bank (groupe Invik).

Il siège par ailleurs aux conseils d’administration de Fidelity Street et de Flashiz.


Team Leadership - Management - Strategy - Project Management - Negotiation - Asset Management - Due Diligence - Valuation - Problem Solving - Management Consulting - Private Equity - Banking - Corporate Finance - Finance - Strategic Financial Planning - Mergers & Acquisitions - Change Management - Team Management - Risk Management - Internal Audit - Equities - Derivatives - Financial Markets - Financial Risk - Capital Markets - Portfolio Management - Accounting - Restructuring - Financial Reporting - Financial Analysis - Financial Accounting - Auditing - Corporate Governance - Internal Controls - M&A experience - Analysis - Operational Risk Management - Operational Risk - Fairness Opinions - Mergers - Business Continuity Planning - Anti Money Laundering - Strategic Consulting - Acquisition Integration - Setting up new businesses - Executive Management - Executive Financial Management - Forecasting - Business Planning - AML


Swimming - Scuba Diving - Gardening - Cards - Wine tasting - Music listening (60's & 70's) - Readings (comic collector) - Travels


Interim Management – Consultant - General Manager – CFO – Director of Admin -
Executive & non executive roles in committees and boards -
More than 24 years of experience in General Management, Services, Financial Business and Audit
4 degrees: Law, Business Administration, Chartered Accountant & Statutory Auditor
Trilingual: French, English & Dutch
Creative & Strategic thinking – Communication & Management Skills – “Make it happen” mind set & energy
Hands on and delivery champion - Change & Challenge for Growth

Expériences professionnelles

De janvier 2014 à aujourd'hui
  • Type de poste : Membre de la direction
  • Fonction : Managing Director & Founder
  • Département/service : Consultancy and Management Services
De juin 2014 à juillet 2015
  • Fonction : External Compliance, Risk & Legal Manager
  • Département/service : Risk, Compliance & Legal
De février 2014 à aujourd'hui
  • Fonction : Conseiller en matière de Compliance, Risk & Legal
De octobre 2013 à décembre 2013
  • Fonction : Consultant on PSF certification
  • Détail : Helping Fund-X SA in its organization and proccesses for PSF qualification.
De mai 2013 à octobre 2013
  • Fonction : Consultant on Corporate Governance, Policies & Procedures, Circular 12/552, Insurances, Real Estate & Data Protection matters
  • Détail : I have been hired as consultant for specific projects Catella Bank is working on in the regulatory, insurances, real estate and data protection domains.
De novembre 2012 à mai 2013
  • Fonction : Head of Finance ( CFO ) and Head of Admin Management Services
  • Détail : As CFO, I built up the following : Budget preparation (delivered 3 weeks after my arrival) - All financial reporting - Forecasts - Cost controls - Analytical analysis - Reconciliation and Payment - Automating exchange of information between operational and Financial databases
    As Head of AMS, I was responsible for: Procurement - Facilites management - General services - Organizing move in tight deadline and budget (from downtown to country side in 4 months after my arrival) - setting up policies and procédures - Insurances management - Premises and security - Communication and branding
    As member of the Management Committee, I was participating to: Change management - project Management - Strategic thinking - Presentation to the Board
De août 2012 à novembre 2012
  • Fonction : Consultant (new business feasibility study)
  • Détail : Freelance consultant on a project with significant Legal & Compliance (KYC & AML) as well as ICT components which is derived from the mobile payment applications ‘business (eWallet or Stored Value Devices).

    This was a feasibility study for creating a company active in the administrative part of the Anti-Money Laundering (“AML”) work for third parties in Luxembourg and other countries.

    I issued a business plan including financial, technical, commercial, compliance, regulatory, administrative and legal aspects.

    I had to use my network and create other contacts in Luxembourg and other European countries with key players, providers, and prospective clients, regulatory and governmental bodies.

    The project has been delivered to my partners and is now awaiting their financial kick-off to be launched.
De août 2012 à octobre 2012
  • Fonction : Consultant
  • Détail : Over my last 16 years of General Management roles, what I have been best at is to manage, set-up, organize & supervise the general management, corporate governance, logistic, finance, human resources, administrative & other controls & contact functions of a company.
    I have been regularly considered as the one bringing and building the change in a company ("Change & challenge for improvement & for growth").
    I have done this successfully at Andersen, Clerical Medical, Nomura and Catella(Invik). They were all facing similar concerns of a business requiring strategic views, strong general management, administrative & support foundations to ensure the robustness of the ground on which they build their activities. It is also a corporate governance matter.
    To have this well done, you have to be considered as a partner to the operations & business.
    What I have achieved within services & banking/funds business can be used in other domains & for other roles or functions in different business segments.
    Companies currently facing significant projects (General Management organization or resources, corporate governance review, relocation, HR, suppliers’ chains, group’s restructuring, new rules/regulations & challenges, significant business changes & challenges, etc.) would benefit from my know-how.
    With my background & experience, I can offer a lot to any employer willing to use my services on a permanent basis or as an external contractor or consultant.
    More particularly, I am willing & capable to add value at the level of general or executive management for companies active in the financial or service business with local & international perspectives & looking for strengthening their financial & administration organization, including IT, HR, quality control and risk management, project management, cost control & data protection matters.
De septembre 2004 à août 2012
  • Fonction : General Manager Administration
  • Détail : Executive Committee Member in charge of HR, IT, Quality assurance, Risk Management, Treasury Control, Financial Accounting, Project Management, Support and Administrative Services, Business Continuity & Information Security
    Restructuring HR/AS, IT and Project Management departments & interim head/line manager of those
    Setting-up risk management specific structure and function
    Focusing on change management (Change and Challenge for Growth)
    Relocation project for 250 persons and all services/departments
    Setting-up structures & governances for all administration services and departments
    Coordination with European Headquarter
De juin 2003 à août 2004
  • Fonction : Head of audit department
  • Détail : Head of Audit Department - Statutory Auditor – Chartered Accountant

    Audit of international and local commercial, financial, industrial, transportation and media companies
    Advising for private and group investment structure and acquisition
    Setting-up procedures for regulated international financial companies
    Accounting, advising and auditing support for specific reporting or transactions
De septembre 2001 à mai 2003
  • Fonction : European Head of Finance
  • Détail : Clerical Medical Europe was the management structure of companies active within Continental Europe (Luxembourg, Spain, Germany, Belgium, Italy, Austria and The Netherlands) in the life insurance and asset management business and part of Halifax Bank Of Scotland Group

    Chief Finance Officer & Head of European Finance for all Local & Continental legal entities
    o Managing the Finance Department (accounting, treasury, forecast & budgeting, reporting)
    o Managing director of tax, legal & VAT departments
    o Member of the Executive Management Team & Risk Management Committee of the Group
    o Contact person for regulating authorities (CAA & CSSF), bankers, advisors, auditors and lawyers
    o Active contribution to development plans in new markets. Initiator of strategic investments in companies and key player in auditing and performing due diligences of the commercial, legal and financial perspectives of the investments before and after acquisition. Managing the subsequent change and integration process
    o Risk, compliance, tax and legal management in a booming but strongly regulated environment
    o Negotiation of investments in English & French with owners and international panel of experts
    o Executive Member of the Board of Directors of local legal entities
De septembre 1999 à septembre 2001
  • Fonction : Chief Administration Officer
  • Détail : o BeLux operation of Andersen represented 1.500 staff and 10 locations
    o Developing a BeLux structure of operations
    o Successful cost management and cutting
    o 60 persons and EUR 15 Millions under management
De septembre 1996 à septembre 2001
  • Fonction : Director of Finance and Administration
  • Détail : o From 200 staff in 1996 to 500 in 2000 and from 1 to 3 locations in Luxembourg.
    o Member of the Operation & Executive Committees as Head of the whole Practice Management Group (including HR, IT, Marketing, Facilities, Support & Finance)
    o Integrated budgeting process
    o Development of structure to face growth (organic and external)
    o Setting-up support service lines (HR, IT, Marketing, Support, Facilities and Finance)
    o Initiating and managing investments in local companies
    o 30 persons and EUR 10 Millions under management
De octobre 1991 à août 1997
  • Fonction : Senior Manager Audit
  • Détail : o Major audit and consulting engagements for local & multinational clients in the audiovisual, cosmetic & oil business and holding companies with local and international teams from few to 15 persons
    o Consulting work for international merger of major players in audiovisual business
    o Complex audits of holding companies in a sensitive environment
De août 1989 à septembre 1991
  • Fonction : Audit Senior
  • Détail : o Major audit works for local & international clients in the audiovisual, cosmetic & oil business and holding companies
    o Audit works for English, French and Dutch speaking clients in all parts of Belgium

Associations professionnelles

  • Member
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Associations non professionnelles

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De 2000 à 2000
  • Diplôme : Certified expert accountant
  • Domaine d'études : Accounting and Finance
De 1995 à 1995
  • Diplôme : Certified auditor
  • Domaine d'études : Audit
De 1988 à 1989
  • Diplôme : Master of Business Administration (M.B.A.)
  • Domaine d'études : Management
De 1983 à 1987
  • Diplôme : Master's degree
  • Domaine d'études : Law
De 1981 à 1983
  • Diplôme : Bachelor's degree
  • Domaine d'études : Law
De 1972 à 1981
  • Diplôme : Secondary school graduation
  • Domaine d'études : Major in Latin - Languages & Sciences


Langues parlées

  • Anglais Bilingue, ou langue maternelle
  • Français Bilingue, ou langue maternelle
  • Néerlandais Connaissance complète

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